Once an amiichan, now who am I?

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26 October 2009

Weird expression

I'm like a little child
Hidden behind a certain curtains.
Sitting alone avoid the linning sun
Shining through my little window.
I'm not to dislike it neither to escape from it
It's just a feeling that I want to hide.

Likely to be I'm like a broken glass,
Might happen to break or to little to touch or too much,
Seeing others that walks by but didn't even notice,
I ignore them,
The reflect of me is the image of you.
Negative thought at unhappy place.

Don't bother to say sweet-delicacy words,
Don't bother to interact with me with that shimmer eyes,
Don't bother to make laughter craving of silly mood,
Don't bother to mind if that you wishes most.

Still, I've wonder someone there...
A friend of mine knocking my little windows
Her frozen looks face back at me.
I did heard of broken glass was removed
Small talk was made out with laughter after it
I back off from my hiding place
Please stay away from me!
She keeps on going and very much head rock
I'm unable to walk, stuck between the feets.
Standing behind the imaginary circle,
Spreading the irrititation senses.
But, the hand naturally comes to me
My mind stop for a moment.
I smiled. Both of us were smiling to each other.
My inner spoke,
I'm like a little child
Not happy neither sad nor angry.

If I was wrong or had something. What must I do?
Heart of indecisicive and complecated one.