Once an amiichan, now who am I?

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24 February 2011

I'm humming & wondering

The day I was born
is like an open jar to a new life
Where everything will throw out 
and everything will be spill down on floor

The day I open my eyes 
is feel as 
the world is just ain't gonna be easy
Can I go through with it?
Can I make it through? 
That's the important question. Smirk.

The day I open my mouth
It sound like a hard-soft-cute-annoy voice
When I speak out it feel likes the day is just too long
When I turn to silent, everyone is worried sick

The day I move around
Seem to be whether is wide or small 
Look the world isn't what I expected
Look the world isn't what expected to be

The day I close myself (sleeping)
My head will spin around, over and over 
Will I wake up again tomorrow?
Will I say something tomorrow?
Can I walk again tomorrow?
But surely not to be born again
Why not? 
I feel like reborn or change or motivate. 
I'm humming & wondering.